Josua Alem Saring

June 26, 1988

About Candidate

I always see myself as a person who will excel in everything that I do. Determination coupled with hard work built me as a person. I was able to establish myself in the industry and I am still working hard to build a name for myself. Below is a short summary of my experiences.

After graduation I got hired as a University IT Instructor to 4th-year students, I shifted to vocational school a year after and taught there for 2 years. During those years I also worked as a part-timer in several institutes and Universities.

As a young professional, I gained exposure by joining community groups whose main purpose is to resolve issues regarding the youth. This got me to travel to Beijing, China for a Reproductive Health Symposium.

Following my dream, I ventured into a job abroad (Kuwait) as an IT and Administrative Staff which provided me the office management and administration experience. The same job provided me with experience in construction and plant administration as well.

3 years after, I went back to teaching but now coupled with Administration and Management job. This also opened me the chance to practice my education and passion for programming as I was able to build a completely functional Enrollment and Marketing System.

These among many others mold me into the individual I am today. My belief is to always work your best and leave your legacy wherever you had the chance to step. I aspire to excellence and I strive to be the better version of myself every day. There are lazy days but mind you, I get to overcome myself even so.

I am a man who masters many things and I don’t just master it I strive to excel in each of them.




Bachelors in Information Technology

Mindanao University of Science and Technology

Work & Experience



February 1, 2018
Limitless General Trading Company

- Maintaining positive client relationships and driving new acquisitions. - Developing and implementing organizational goals, procedures, and policies. - Consulting and cooperating with other executives, board members, and employees. - Managing, monitoring, and reviewing business operations. - Identifying improvement gaps and implementing corrective measures. - Reviewing and overseeing all financial activities, performance, and documentation. - Overseeing hiring activities and approving contracts.


School Branch Supervisor

August 1, 2015 - February 28, 2018
International Institute of Computer Science and Administration

Branch Supervisor - In charge of the overall operations of the branch including but limited to supervising and managing employees, preparing and implementing a robust marketing strategy, ensuring proper and quality customer service, upgrading training provided by the institution, overseeing all the employee tasks, managing the maintenance of the computers and devices of the institute. Digital Marketer - Prepare daily advertising materials such as photos, videos, and live advertisements. - Prepare and implement a monthly marketing plan. - Study and create a marketable Facebook Audiences - Boost posting based on the target market - Prepare promotional materials such as leaflets, flyers, brochures, and standee. Vocational Instructor - Prepare training related to computer and management training - Create hand-outs and other educational materials based on the requirement - Teach and train students in their relevant courses - Prepare grading sheets and other materials Programmer - Created, designed, and published a fully functional ENROLLMENT AND MARKETING SYSTEM using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and PHP. - The same systems are being utilized by two branches.


IT and Administrative Staff

May 14, 2021 - July 31, 2021
Council of Ministers, Security Decision and Follow-up Committee

Administrative Staff - Prepare letters, requests for quotations, and purchase orders for the companies transactions. - Oversee the plant operations and prepare a daily report for as such. - Work directly with the Engineer Consultant - Prepare and print AutoCAD drawings using a plotter. IT Staff - In charge of all computer, printer and devices repairs for the company. - In charge of computer networks.


Vocational Instructor

January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2011
Iligan Computer Institute

• Responsible for submitting the Course Syllabus and materials used for instruction. • Responsible for giving and handling students’ minor and major exams. • Monitor students with incomplete grades by submitting the list of students with INC to the Academic Head for immediate action. • Responsible for settling rules and regulations for students to promote discipline. • Teach students topics required in each subject. • Served as Student Body Organization Adviser during the School Year 2010-2011 • Handle Student Body Organization Election • Provide Officers with Training and Seminars • Served as a bridge between the Student Body and the Academic Head • Oversee all financial obligations of the students and the proper usage of the amount • Provide students with ideas on what Projects to implement • Implement Student Activities such as Valentine’s Day, Acquaintance, and Intramurals. • Submit a financial report to the School Cashier together with the SBO Treasurer and Auditor. • Sign all documents in line with the organization


College Instructor

June 1, 2009 - April 30, 2010
Mindanao University of Science and Technology - Jasaan Campus

• Responsible for submitting the Course Syllabus, and materials used for instruction every after the semester ends, together with the class record and list of incomplete students. • Responsible for giving and handling students’ minor and major exams. • Responsible for setting rules and regulations for students to promote discipline. • Teach students topics required in each subject.


Problem Solving
Leadership Skills