Director of Operations
KWD 2100

About Candidate

I am a highly motivated and progress-focused Director of Operations with a long-standing background in this industry. With a track record of initiative and dependability, I have devised strategic initiatives which I believe will prove valuable to your organization.
Throughout the course of my career, I have perfected my strategic planning and operations management abilities. I am a capable and consistent problem-solver skilled at prioritizing and managing projects with proficiency.

In my previous role, I contributed leadership, problem-solving, and cost control toward team efforts and business improvements. I am progressive minded and in tune with new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and collaborative with strong planning talents. I enjoy collective brainstorming sessions which all me to coordinate activities to achieve a common goal.
Please take a moment to review my attached resume and credentials. I am very interested in meeting to review your needs and possible solutions I could bring to the table.




Banking and Finance

Notre Dame Univesrity LB

Banking and Finance Major