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Limitless General Trading Company (LGTC) duly registered by the Kuwaiti Government aim to put up several companies to take the lead (fill the gap and need) in the market in the different industries, and as our CEO envisioned, be a worldwide leader in every industry that LGTC venture into.

The name “Limitless” was chosen as the company’s goals and objectives are boundless. We work beyond “Limits” manifesting optimism, commitment, and passion on our mission.

Currently, the company is expanding its horizons by acquiring deeper understanding of the market looking for a possible venture, hence, the beginning of LGTC Staffing Agency which aim to assist companies in need of employees.

LGTC Staffing Agency is a one-stop agency that offers the best, well-planned, and stress-free recruitment and/or job application, in all categories – unskilled to skilled workers, to professionals.

How we work:

  • Live-up to offer stress-free recruitment and put a dedicated team to find the best candidate/applicant and 100 % fill ratio, so success is guaranteed with us.
  • Go the extra mile to look into fake acts, expose made-up documents and separate pretentiousness from the truth and make sure candidates actually fit for the job.
  • Take a proactive approach & create a diverse workplace that challenges our thinking to expand your networks and share the best practices, with the assurance of a lesser issues on employer-employee relationship.
  • Cause hiring process be more productive, profitable, and prompt for both client/company and the candidate/applicant.


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Harold Maderazo

Recruitment Coordinator

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